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Name: Vitalitetsenteret Frivilligsentral
Adresse: Wolffs gate 12, 5006 BERGEN
Phone: 934 90 301
E-mail: kontakt@frivillighet.org
Account number: 3624.30.42156 
Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday 10:00-15:00

Our visiting hours are from Monday's to Thursday's from 10am to 3 pm.
We are located at Vitalitetsenteret, at the corner of Møhlenpris football field and Møhlenpris school


Vitalitetsenteret Frivilligsentral

About Vitalitetssenteret Frivilligsentral.

Vitalitetssenteret Frivilligsentral is a Volunteer Center which coordinates a group of voulunteers assisting people in different needs.

Frivilligsentral is a place for everyone, regardless of age, gender, origin, political or religious believes. Our volunteers spend their free time helping people in different needs. They are not paid for their services. Instead, many experience joy in helping people.

Vitalitetsenteret Frivilligsentral is located in Møhlenpris in central Bergen.
This volunteer center is a cooperative made up of interest organisations from Møhlenpris, Nygårdshøyden, Sydnes og Nøstet and Nygård, and a local sports club called Djerv. We co-ordinate approximately 200 people who do different volunteer work with social, cultural and/or educational purpose.

We have funding from the Norwegian State Department of Culture, and from the Municipality of Bergen.

There are about 300 Volunteer Centers in Norway. Find the one closest to you here.

Please contact us if you have any question or suggestion!


Conversational Norwegian by Norwegian speakers (volunteers).

Learn to speak and understand Norwegian.
Easy & Practical.

Every Thursday´s from 3:30 - 5:30 pm and Sunday´s 12:30-14:00.

Place: Vitalitetssenteret Frivillighetssentral, Wolffs gate 12, Møhlenpris.

Price: Free (With Coffee & tea)

For more information please contact Marita at Vitalitetssenteret Frivilligsentral.
Phonenr.: 934 30 301 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
E-mail: kontakt@frivillighet.org.
Web: www.frivillighet.org